Why should you buy a property abroad ?

Looking for geographical mobility, displacement for reasons of employment, sharing the time partly abroad to retire, investing for the future, changing your life, living in a sunny country or looking for an excellent university for your children ?

Goldenvisa proposes you a wide selection of the best real properties available on the market. With Goldenvisa, buying a real property abroad became easy.

What type of property do you need ?

  • An detached house
  • A building
  • An apartment
  • A construction to build has a lot properties and projects for you. Goldenvisa is aware of the local market.

How to become an owner ?

Goldenvisa provides you with much legal information, information on legislation, laws and regulations on migration. Goldenvisa will provide you with end-to-end support and advice during all stages of immigrating to a new jurisdiction, physically relocating and changing tax domicile.

Advantages – Affordable price – Tax system takes care of negotiations for you, so that your budget is respected.

Financing proposes you sustainable and flexible financing with the host country banks.

What it necessary to take into account? informs you about taxes and obligations concerning your investment.

What we propose: realizes market studies, proposes you the best properties, take care of negotiations, and accompany you in all the steps up to the signature of your purchase. specializes in obtaining physical and tax residency for its clients, as well as securing citizenship for them and supporting them in their international real estate investments.


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