The Global Mobility Expert by your side is based on a Swiss Trustee specializing in citizenship and residence solutions. proposes to its clients any services related to the International Expatriation, to the change of fiscal and physical residence. helps its clients, legally and discreetly, in choosing the best options, according to their profile and according to their desires. will be by your side in all administrative procedures of many countries of Europe and the Caribbean, which propose plans of attractive investments to the expatriates, family opportunities, as well as international fiscal optimization ensuing from the change of residence. will particularly take care to:

  • The legality of the transactions;
  • The tax burden on individuals resident in the country;
  • The legal and physical security in the country;
  • The programs of economic investment set up by the host country government to encourage the new residents to invest;
  • The quality of life in the country;
  • The country’s geographical location, its accessibility, and the list of countries for which you will not need a visa.

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