Creating a company abroad – new business start-up abroad


Why should you create a company abroad ?

Goldenvisa provides you advice on fiscal advantages and how to get specialized local workforce for meeting the growing markets needs. Goldenvisa is able to adapt its customer’s needs to host country requirements and implement structures whose purpose is tax optimization within the legal framework, while preserving its customers’ economics interests.

There are several choices opened to business creators:

  • Offshore Company establishment ?
  • Trading or Industrial Company ?
  • Limited Liability Company or Limited Company ? will help you to find the best solution adapted to your prospects.

How would you create it ?

GoldenVisa informs you about the requirements according to the chosen option as well as the numerous fiscal advantages from which you can benefit.

Goldenvisa puts all your different structures in place and later accompanies you thought the existence of your business. We can possibly arrange for you an office with telephone line and fax.

What are your advantages ? will accompany you in all stages of legalization of your company, such as address services, accounting and legal services, full legal entity, facilitated management and diminished operating costs.

> offers you its expertise in the following points:

  • Your recorded and certified statutes by the administration
  • No blocked capital
  • Opening of your professional and personal bank accounts
  • Support and follow-up by professionals
  • Your company operational very quickly
  • Obtaining of your visa/passport
  • Appointment with the administration
  • Obtaining company name certificate
  • Signature of the company statutes
  • Administrative steps with tax authorities for the obtaining of the intercommunity number

Goldenvisa understands the limits of its powers. We know when it is necessary to refer you to specialists such as lawyers, business agents, or notaries.

Do you need business advice? We’re here for you!

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