Surprising List of 24 Safest Countries in the World

Surprising List of 24 Safest Countries in the World has released its 2015 World Safety Index, which is a holistic report that brings together the top 24 safest nations in the world.

Top 24 Safest Countries in the World

Safest countries in the world

Countries in the world were subjected to an overall ranking system that relied on 10 different safety factors. Each country’s average score was calculated based on life expectancy, crime index, pollution index, global peace index, global terrorism index, suicide per 100, 000, unemployment rate, disaster risk, consumer price index, and quality of health care. All the data used in this index is obtained from above-the-board sources, including the United Nations, World Health Organization, Vision of Humanity, International Labor Organization, and the United Nations University.

Singapore at the Top

Interestingly, Singapore clinched the top slot. Although the country is generally known to be safe, it has rarely ranked the very best. The fact that the study captured 10 different categories to come up with an index perhaps explains this top placement. Singapore ranked position 1 and 2 in terms of terrorism and crime indices, respectively. It also garnered impressive ratings on the unemployment rate and life expectancy categories. Singapore depicted a poor showing in the consumer price index and quality of health care criteria.

Qatar Came Second

Overall, Qatar came second – a very impressive performance for the Middle East nation. The country was rated at the top in three different categories namely global terrorism, unemployment rate, and disaster risk. A poor showing in consumer price index and pollution index is the only reason why the Qatar missed the number 1 position.

Switzerland at Position #3

It’s no surprise that Switzerland ranked no. 3. The European nation has been at the forefront of the globe in terms of economic development, boasting a vibrant banking sector. The country didn’t score at the top in any category, but exhibited a pretty good showing in Global peace, life expectancy, crime, pollution and unemployment rate. Switzerland’s consumer price index had the lowest performance amongst the top 24 countries.


Europe and Asia Share the Top 10 Slots

An interesting, inescapable fact is that all the top 10 countries were from Asia and Europe.

Switzerland (overall #3) ranked no. 1 amongst non-Asian countries, and also the first in Europe. The nation’s well-functioning government is known for keeping political issues, violence, and unemployment rates at a record low. Switzerland also has a robust economy and many other positive factors that place it among the safest countries in the world. The remaining top 10 positions were occupied by Denmark, Germany, Japan, Austria, Norway, Finland and Iceland in that order. This reasserts Europe’s reputation as the overall safest region in the world.

Notably, Japan had the most competitive ratings in terms of life expectancy, global terrorism, and quality of health care. But its disaster and suicide rates were alarmingly high. The country ranked #6 overall.

Canada (#14) and Panama (#22) were the only countries from the America’s to make it to the global list of 24 safest nations. Africa had no qualifying candidate, following perennial poor performance in most of the rank criterial used in this index.


While the Golden Visa Index represents the global safety situation as of December 2015, it’s important to appreciate that this situation could change anytime. Some countries that recorded a dismal performance in multiple categories are on the verge of policy breakthroughs that could help them make a huge leap in the future. So it’ll be interesting to see who wins and who loses in the 2016 Golden Visa World Safety Index.

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