The Reasons People Are Turning to Second Citizenship

The Reasons People Are Turning to Second Citizenship

A new survey by CS Global Partners has revealed the reasons people are looking to get a second passport. With 89% of UK citizens stating they would like to have a second citizenship, it’s a topic which is firmly on the brain in Great Britain.

For 59.34% of respondents, the lifestyle of a country was the main reason that they would choose citizenship in that destination, while 13% would base their decision on the safety of a nation.

For 7%, business opportunities were important to them as they sought to improve them through a second passport; as visa relations between two countries can damages business or trade deals, a second citizenship allows a person to overcome these business challenges.

5% said that their choice of country was influenced by the educational prospects that a country could provide for their children. With many universities only accepting a certain quota of foreign students per year, a second passport grants a person an increased chance of being accepted in to their desired educational institution.

The survey also uncovered the amount people were willing to part with if it meant they could gain a second passport. 81% were happy to donate 5% of their annual salary for the privilege, while 15% would pay half of their salary – proving just how important the issue is to them.

Participants were also asked to share which country they would prefer to acquire citizenship in. Australia topped the list with 14% choosing the expat hotspot as their destination of choice, with the USA, Canada, Germany and Spain following behind.

CS Global Partners, who provide citizenship and residence solutions, shared their views with CEO Micha-Rose Emmett stating:

“The results indicate that people are looking now more than ever for certainty and security amid a landscape of economic and political change. More than four out of five people are willing to put their hard-earned wages behind the prospect of an enhanced international lifestyle, proof that dual citizenship is becoming increasingly popular.”