USA passports

The Reasons People Are Turning to Second Citizenship

A new survey by CS Global Partners has revealed the reasons people are looking to get a second passport. With 89% of UK citizens stating they would like to have a second citizenship, it’s a topic which is firmly on the brain in Great Britain. For 59.34% of respondents, the lifestyle of a country was […]

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brexit opportunity

Portuguese Golden Visa : an opportunity for Brits Post-Brexit?

With the future for British citizens uncertain following last year’s Brexit vote, many are looking into options for retaining the benefits they currently enjoy as EU citizens. One option is the Golden Visa Program offered in Portugal to non-EU nationals. On 23 June 2016, the UK electorate voted to leave the EU. This has implications […]

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Lucerne, Switzerland

Can Wealthy Foreigners “Buy” Swiss Residency ?

Switzerland is the most hospitable country for immigrants today, and is often seen as a dream destination for very rich individuals who are looking for a high standard of life abroad. The country’s political neutrality, world-class infrastructure, retirement perks, and investment atmosphere are just a few of the many factors that make Switzerland an appealing […]

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dual citizenship benefits

How Would Dual Citizenship Benefit Me?

If you’d have heard 100 years ago, that we’d all be travelling the world, be it to work or play, you’d have probably scoffed at the thought that such a thing would be a possibility. Yet, in 2016, we’re all becoming citizens of the world moving our homes from one country to the next as […]

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