residency vs citizenship

Residency Vs Citizenship – What Does It Mean

Many are often left confused as to what the differences between residency and citizenship are. It’s not uncommon for people to believe they are giving up their citizenship when they relocate abroad, however, this simply isn’t the case as your citizenship is something you hold for life. CS Global Partners recently designed an infographic on […]

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Hong Kong immigrant investor program

Top 5 Asian Countries Offering Immigrant Investor Programs

With many prosperous families and ambitious entrepreneurs entering the market for a second passport, choosing the right country is crucial. More and more countries are now opening their doors to Citizenship by Investment.  These include advantages such as visa free travel to a variety of countries and increased freedom to invest and create partnerships.

Asia is a promising part of the world where opportunities to obtain Investment Citizenship are booming. With vast and improving economies and an increasing presence in the international relations, it is well worth considering

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List of the most powerful passports in the world

Most Powerful Passports in the World – 2016 Ranking

The Global advisory Firm Henley & Partners published the 2016 Visa Restriction index, an overall ranking based on how powerful countries passports are.

The Visa Restriction Index, published for 11 consecutive years, is the only index brought together in collaboration with the International Air Transport Association, which maintains the world’s largest Database of travel information.

Passport power 2016


How can you know how good is your passport compared to another ?

Simply put, the passports are sorted by the number of countries a citizen is able to visit without a visa « visa-free score ».

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Millionaires in the world

Top 8 Cities in the world where Millionaires Are Moving To

Millionaires are immigrating, and they are not settling in the typical run-of-the-mill city. New World Wealth published the Millionaire Migration 2015 report last week, sourcing data from immigration programs statistics, property sales numbers, interviews, and tracking of millionaire movements.

The top 3 cities where millionaires moved to in 2015 are Sydney, Melbourne, and Tel Aviv, in that order.

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